Ethical Capabilities

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Northern Hub

Contact details for Hub Co-ordinator:
Dr Janette Poulton,  Ethical Capabilities  (Project Coordinator Northern Hub)
Further details of Janette's bio can be found here.

DO you work in the North East or North West region including CBD?

Do you want Professional Development in the Ethical Capabilities at your school ?

Please contact me if you do and I Will be there!

If you have any questions about the up-coming assessment of Ethical Capabilities or Critical and Creative Thinking please don’t hesitate to email me.  

Updates and Up-coming events from the Northern Hub:

Janette has been leading Ethical Trails at the State Library of Victoria to demonstrate P4c Pedegogical Training and recently developed resources.

Ethical Trails: Happiness (Year 5s and 6s)

For Year 5 and 6 students exploring the ethical capability curriculum, the Happiness Trail simultaneously investigates notions of happiness and history. The program introduces students to Melbourne in its early years, asking them to contemplate: how do you build a happy city?This program is created in conjunction by Victorian Association for Philosophy in Schools in conjunction with teh State Library of Victoria, and relates to Ethical Capabilities and History in the Victorian Curriculum.

More details and booking can be made at the State Library Website:

Ethical Trails: Fairness (Year 3s & 4s)

For a self-guided philosophy experience like no other, take your students on a journey back in time to when the city of Melbourne was first founded.The Fairness Trail encourages young learners to consider: was what took place fair? Created in conjunction with the Victorian Association for Philosophy in Schools, the trail is inspired by Levels 3 and 4 Ethical Capabilities and Levels 3 and 4 History in the Victorian Curriculum.

More details and booking can be made at the State Library Website:

Image Above: Year 3/4 philosophy students and the State Library Bunyip - heading off on the Fairness Trail at the State Library. 

To get in contact and make Ethical Trail bookings/inquiries for your school, please email Dr Janette Poulton or click on State Library links above. 

Pre Trial Resources:

Access to Pre visit Resource Document for the Fairness Trail can be found by clicking here.

Access to Pre visit resources Powerpoint for the Fairness Trail can be found by clicking here.

Eastern Hub

Contact details for Hub Co-ordinator:

Bonnie Zuidland, Ethical Capabilities Eastern Hub Co-ordinator. Upwey High School. School ph  9754 2838. Email:

Bonnie is a Leading Teacher at Upwey HS. She has been teaching Philosophy for over 10 years. Her practice has evolved over the years to use the pedagogical practice of Community of Inquiry. She has been teaching educators this method for several years and more recently engaged in train the trainer. 

Ethics in Public Places

I have been busy putting together and assessing the tested curriculum for Ethical Capabilities at our ‘Local Place for an Ethical Trail’ – Burrinja Cultural Centre. Some of these materials are online (except for the handouts that go along with it…I’m updating them).  You can check out some of the content here -

Please let me know if you want to try to take a group there to undertake the activities. I would love for some primary classes to go to test it out further before our launch at the end of the year.  There is also a mostly complete trail at the State Library and the Melbourne Zoo. If you are interested in these let me know and I’ll put you in contact with the relevant Hub Leader.

There will be a launch of the ‘Burrinja Trail’ later in the year. Please keep your eye out for the notification.

Ethical Tools to support teaching, learning and assessment

Do you work in the Eastern suburbs? Would you like to try some tools for ethical thinking and assessment?

Contact me:


Have you done Community of Inquiry Training? Would you like some in class support?  I am available every second Monday afternoons and alternating Wednesday mornings. If you want me to come visit your school, see you in action running a CoI or to help you with planning please let me know.

Contact me:

Level One Training in Community of Inquiry

In Term 2 the Eastern Hub will host a Level One Course for people interested in furthering their abilities to teach in a dialogical and philosophical manner through the pedagogical practice of Community of Inquiry. It is a three day course (third day – assessment is optional if you want your certificate). If you are interested in doing the full three days in term 2 let me know and I will survey you for preferred days (it will be weekends unfortunately).

Contact me:

Do you want Professional Development in Ethical Capabilities at your school?

Please contact me if you do and we can arrange something.

Contact me:

If you have any questions about the up-coming assessment of Ethical Capabilities or Critical and Creative Thinking please don’t hesitate to email me.  I will also be running some workshops through the Dandenong Ranges Network (which I’m sure I can invite you to even if you are not in the network), or alternatively I can host a session at your school.

Contact me:



Southern Hub

Contact details for Hub Co-Ordinator:

Michelle Rocca, Southern Region Hub Network Coordinator for General Capabilities (Ethical and Critical and Creative Thinking)


Phone: 0433.822.926                                                                                                                                          

If you are interested in learning more about the Philosophy in Schools pedagogical approach utilizing inquiry based learning, please contact the Southern Hub for further support.  I have been working as a Specialist Teacher with the VCAA and can assist teachers with gaining a better understanding, application and planning of the Ethical Capability. 
Inquiry based teaching and learning at Wooranna Park Primary. A snapshot of Level One trained teachers facilitating student engagement and learning. Activities surround ethical questions which arise from the concepts of Friendship and Happiness within the Ethical Capability Curriculum.
Photos from Southern Hub below:


Western Hub