Careers in Humanities

Careers in Humanities


The Careers in Humanities resources highlight the key skills that students develop when they study Humanities, as well as the career pathways they can pursue.

This free-to-download collection is designed to help students and parents understand how studying Humanities subjects can lead to strong employment prospects, in-demand skills, personal growth and community wellbeing.

It is hoped that these resources will be used to inspire young people to continue studying the Humanities, or to foster their passion for these wonderful subjects. The flyers can be distributed at subject-selection events and careers fairs, posted up in Humanities classrooms and staff rooms, or shared with school and university careers counsellors.

These resources were created by project partners from the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria, the Geography Teachers’ Association of Victoria, Social Education Victoria, the Victorian Association for Philosophy in Schools, the History Council of Victoria, Humanities 21, and the Professional Historians Association (Victoria & Tasmania).

The project partners would like to acknowledge the support of the Victorian Government and the Department of Education and Training.



Why choose the Humanities? Prezi poster

Click through this interactive Prezi poster to discover the jobs, employability skills and life skills you will gain when you study the Humanities.


Choose the Humanities flyers (for printing double-sided in A4 or A3)


You won’t get a job if you study the Humanities

What nonsense!

Future workers will only need STEM skills

Get real!

I need to develop skills that employers want

Yep, so choose Humanities

Studying the Humanities won’t help me succeed in other fields

Yes it will!

I won’t do Humanities subjects because they get scaled down

That’s illogical!

Studying the Humanities won’t improve my life

Oh, really?



HTAV acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government and the Department of Education and Training.


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