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In order to provide a vehicle for the communication of ideas and a forum for discussion and debate of issues concerning the practice of philosophical inquiry with children and to foster continuing development of the theory and practice of engaging children in philosophical inquiry, a dedicated journal, Critical & Creative Thinking, was established in 1993 as the official journal of FAPSA. The journal included articles by classroom teachers and academics on theory and applied research, philosophical studies, reports from the field, resources, and reviews. The journal continued until 2008. In 2014, Andrew Peterson and Laura D’Olimpio launched a new open access journal designed to fill the gap left by Critical & Creative Thinking stopping, called the Journal of Philosophy in Schools.

In 1995, Splitter and Sharp published Teaching for Better Thinking: The Classroom Community of Inquiry. Described as a general text for P4C and CoI, it served a wide audience in the field of education. The depth and breadth of its content meant that its use could be extended to curriculum designers, teacher educators, workshop planners, and researchers. The book’s impact was far-reaching.

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VAPS promotes critical and creative thinking among young people.

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Supporting teachers in fostering the intellectual and social skills that enable students to think philosophically.

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